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Atlanta Car key Locksmith

Locksmith Management is a leading locksmith company for Atlanta, GA, and surrounding areas, and we can cater to all of your homes, commercial and auto locksmith needs. Find more information about our car key replacement Atlanta GA and re-key services on this page, or get in touch to find out more about the right service for your needs. Locksmith Management is the leading car in Atlanta, GA, and surrounding areas. If you’re in need of a vehicle locksmith anywhere in Atlanta, we’re the right experienced and accredited auto locksmith to call

Need a Car Key Made?

Need to have a car key made? Locksmith Management is the car key duplication and replacement specialists. We can make high-quality keys for vehicles in no time, including vintage vehicle keys through to newer models. We make, replace and repair car keys all over the Atlanta, GA area and we have the best rates in town. Give us a call to schedule a time or let us know if you are in need of help immediately.  We provide car key replacement in emergencies and by appointment. 

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atlanta car key locksmiths

Get in touch if you need:

  • Vehicle lock replacement or repair services
  • Auto Ignition lock replacement or repair services
  • Rekey and key duplication services
  • Emergency car lockout services

If there’s anything else you need, get in touch with the team to find out how we can help.

New Car Keys Made 

Locksmith Management offers a range of car key replacement services. We can help you even if you don’t have the original key – and that’s called our associated rekey service. This produces the right key for the lock – and we can even do this if you have an electronic vehicle key.

We’re an Accredited and Affordable Auto Locksmith

We’re an accredited and affordable automotive locksmith servicing Atlanta, GA and surrounding areas. For you, our accreditation means that we have the necessary experience to take on every repair and installation job possible – and it also means that you can submit our invoice for work done to your insurance company in the event of a claim after you’ve been involved in an accident and needed repairs.

Accreditation matters and Locksmith Management is one of the only companies who have their paperwork in order to call themselves both experienced and accredited for locksmith services in Atlanta, GA and surrounds.

All Car Models Covered

Locksmith Management is the locksmith experts, and we’ve got all types of car models and lock brands covered when it comes to installation, repair, and maintenance; in the event of an emergency lockout, we can open any of the leading car lock brands on the market, including newer electronic key systems.

Key Duplication and Rekey Service

Need another set of keys made? We offer comprehensive duplicate car keys and rekey service for old-fashioned car keys – and we also offer car remote programming if you’ve got a newer model vehicle with an electronic lock instead.

This is often a related service that goes together with lockout service and is often needed afterward to prevent a lockout situation from happening to you again in future.  Locksmith Management is a leading locksmith company for Atlanta, GA, and surrounding areas. Since we’ve been around, we’ve helped many locals cater to their auto, home, and commercial security and locksmith needs. Here’s more about our duplicate car keys services.

Car Key Duplication

Car key duplication is a service that you can often use after a car lockout event, although many people prefer to have a set of spare keys for their vehicle – especially where a vehicle might have more than one regular driver. We guarantee high-quality car key duplication – and we’re one of the best around.

spare car keys As Good as the Original

We make getting a spare key for your car easy, and we guarantee that it’ll be just as good as the car’s original key. This means that with us you’ll never have to have a key cut twice, and the keys we produce are made from excellent quality materials that are guaranteed not to rust, tarnish, break or bend.

Lost Your Car Keys Keys?

If you’ve lost the keys to your vehicle or locked yourself out by locking the keys in, get in touch for our emergency 24/hour lockout service – and any other related services you might need after to ensure that it never happens again. We can duplicate any type of car key, or we can re-key your existing lock at the same time after a lockout event: Get in touch!

Car key programming 

Locksmith Management is one of the leading locksmith companies for Atlanta, GA, and surrounding areas. If you’re looking for a locksmith to cater to any of your homes, commercial or auto locksmith needs – and if you need any help with car key programming, electronic car keys or car remote programming, get in touch with the team to find out how we can help.

Here’s more information about our car key programming services and the related automotive locksmith services we have to offer.

If there’s anything else you might need whether for commercial or auto, browse to some of the other pages on the website or ask one of our experts to recommend the right service for you.

Our Auto Locksmith Services

We offer a range of different locksmith services including electronic car key repair and replacement as well as rekey services and key duplication for most of the vehicle locks available on the market. 

Here’s some of what we do:

  • Electronic car key replacement and repair
  • Transponder car keys replacement and repair
  • Remote replacement and repair
  • 24/7 lockout service for mobile

Emergency? Use Our 24/H Lockout Service

Currently experiencing a lockout emergency? We can send an expert technician over to your location anywhere in Atlanta, GA, and surrounding areas if you’re stranded.

Our car lockout service has been rated one of the best around, and we’re available for your emergency 24/7 no matter where in Atlanta you’re located when your emergency happens.

Mobile car key Service

Whether you’ve lost your car keys or need a key made for your car, we are the best locksmith in Atlanta catering to your auto locksmith needs and more. We cover all of Atlanta, GA, and surrounding areas – although if you fall outside of these coverage areas, we can recommend one of our affiliate partners who can help.

Our local Atlanta car key locksmith service comes to your location and makes your key on the spot. We provide car key replacement in emergencies or by appointment. Give us a call for a free estimate.